Muse (2021)

Muse (2021)

Awarded Financial Education Board Game Project.


  • Overall Champion – HSBC x HKFWS Financial Board Game Design Competition
  • Theme Education Award – HSBC x HKFWS Financial Board Game Design Competition

Muse Board Game Product

About pursuing your dream girl. You need to compete with other players for the girl’s heart. However, the game requires players to use limited time and resources to gain an advantage step by step by balancing work and life just like in real life.

  • 4 players
  • 45 to 60 minutes
  • For high school and above
  • The strategy of timing, resources and risks
  • Suitable for beginner-level strategy players

Educational message

  • Financial management needs to strike a balance between making money and spending. In order to achieve various goals in life, the game uses the pursuit as a metaphor. Being rich does not mean winning in life, achieving goals is the key. What strategies to use vary from person to person.
  • There are many different financial strategies in the game so that everyone can think about their own financial habits.
  • Funding provides more financial options, but there are also factors such as time cost and risk, so there is no inevitable success.
  • Recognize the temporality of money, such as salary is next month’s money not “cash”.
  • Financial management is indeed very important, and there are often other ways to achieve goals than money. We hope everyone pays more attention to self-worth.

Media Interview

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